Thursday Links and Notes: Is Cespedes a serious MVP candidate?

After J.P. Morosi’s article for Just A Bit Outside suggesting Yoenis Cespedes as a National League MVP contender, the internet reacted as it normally does: with speed and vigor…

Personally, I think Cespedes should get consideration. Since there’s no MLB MVP award and no multi-league award, I don’t think Cespedes should be penalized for starting the season in the other league. That being said, his numbers still come in below some serious NL contenders, such as Bryce Harper, that have spent the whole season in the National League.

For yesterday’s scores across MLB, click here.

Mets Notes:

  • Carlos Torres out at least “a week or two” with a left calf strain. Tim Stauffer replaces in the bullpen
  • Logan Verrett will start on Monday for the Mets in Matt Harvey’s spot against Miami
  • Matt Harvey will likely start next against the Yankees the weekend of September 18-20
  • The series in Washington was the first time since 2012 (in Philadelphia) the Mets have swept a road series with every victory coming from behind.
  • According to Elias, it was only the 3rd time the Mets had swept a 3+ game series while coming from behind in the 6th inning or later all three games. Both other times were in 2012.
  • Also according to Elias, it was the latest time in the regular season that a first place team has swept a team within five games of the division (or league, pre 1969) lead.

Elsewhere around MLB:


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