Monday Links and Notes: Anything but the Harvey Saga

In searching for news and notes to post, I received inspiration from…

Yes, the Chapman filter (click image to open article). The Chapman filter ensures that anyone examining Statcast’s fastest pitches of the season can skip right past the top hundred or so entries, all Aroldis Chapman of the Cincinnati Reds.

Well, this morning, I needed a Harvey filter. A way of looking through Mets news without repeating the same-old Harvey story that is occupying the sports pages. Without further ado, today’s links and notes:

The Washington Nationals took candy from a baby this weekend and swept 4 games from the Atlanta Braves. The Braves have now lost twelve in a row. Why couldn’t their attempt to take candy from a baby look more like this?

I digress. One can only hope Atlanta can keep reeling into the Mets’ four game series against them this weekend.

For the rest of the scores across MLB, click here.

Links across MLB:

  • Mark Simon of ESPN tweets about the Mets’ playoff chances (which are still very good). As is the case with internet comments, probably best not to read the replies if you’re trying to remain optimistic (or, for that matter, realistic).
  • Rob Neyer at JABO takes a look at Scott Boras’s “study” regarding Matt Harvey and innings pitched.
  • looks at Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez’s friendly disagreement during yesterday’s broadcast.
  • In posting his news on Derek Jeter’s Player’s Tribune, some members of the media were a little peeved that he bypassed the media… [1] [2] [3]

*I realize 3/4 of those stories are somewhat Harvey related… what can I say, slow news day.


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