Alderson on Harvey, rotation, Verrett

Sandy Alderson spoke to reporters today in order to clarify information on Matt Harvey. Key points:

  • Harvey will make fewer than four more starts this regular season. He is only assured starts against Washington tomorrow and during the last regular season series in October (if the series matters). [Rubin] [DiComo]
  • The Mets will use a 6 man rotation from here on out through the rest of the season. When Harvey does not start, it will be Logan Verrett (due to return to the Mets when eligible on Thursday). [Rubin]
  • Harvey will not pitch out of the bullpen, since doctors advise it may be more of a health risk to do so. [DiComo]
  • It is not clear if Harvey will be available for the entirety of the postseason if the Mets make it. [DiComo]
  • Alderson cannot answer many questions on the subject, since a plan is still being worked out between Harvey and Scott Boras. [Rubin]

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